Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[.the distance.]

kari-shma: (by Elisa Aquino)
I know that you will always pray for me... care for me... and LOVE for no one else, except me. But why you keep the distance between us? I'm no longer a person who you care for...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[.written in the star.]

...One day I had a dream I tried to chase it
But I wasn’t going nowhere, running man!
I knew that maybe someday I would understand...

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The exam is just around the corner and the official date has been released 2 days ago. There was slightly changed in Education paper. Child Development supposed to be on thursday, but then they changed to the second week. It's another headache when 3 papers straight in a week! Only now I can feel the nervous-ness before sitting the exam. Sometimes, last minute preparation is not really good for your mental! ^_____*


Friday, May 6, 2011

[.Kejohanan Olahfaraga Tahunan K.O.T.]

I'm so happy when everything is over. Yes I was not around, blogwalking and updating new entry for decades... I feel so older now. Luckily I still remember my password... if not... (pikirlah sendiri!)... Lately I was busying myself with the so-called 'important works'... since we are coming towards the end of the sem, there are like thousands Ujian Akhir Kursus, quiz as well as test to be sitted. I'm a robot who follows the instructions. Nothing more or less. That's why I'm here... (hahaha... xde kena mengena!). Ok people let us start with the Kejohahan Olahraga Tahunan. This year the K.O.T was held a bit late than previous years due to certain reasons. IPBA has so many things coming around until K.OT needs to be postponed. And It was not so hilarious as before... maybe because of there are a lot of assignments and UAK to be done at the same time. I would say the timing was not so okay... but still I had fun so much... at least...

For this year, I was in charge of costume, once again they gave me such heavy work! (Ingat senang nak buat?) They chose green dragon as the mascot! What do you expect? I was like £$%*^... I never made such costume before and didn't have any experience at all. I didn't even know how to hold needle... but still I took it as a challenge! Guess what? I won first place people! after wasted my time and slept at 3am for the whole week... I think I deserved it! Hahaha... so people, enjoy the show....... ^__________^ 

Thank You. Have A Nice Day Ahead ^___________^