Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[.new timetable!.]

Emmm... what should I say? the official timetable has been announced and I'm quite okay with the arrangement except for monday and tuesday classes. I don't really like they put all the mass lectures in the whole day. Can you imagine I have to be seated for almost 5 hours! I'm no longer a human being after the class ended! another thing is I'm quite dissapointed with my Phonetic & Phonolgy tutorial class. I couldn't sign up for my favourite lecturer as too many students signed up with him but Mdm Joanne will be fine. Although she never taught me before but still she could recognise me! And as you can see there, on wednesday I only have 1 class which it supposed to be on thursday. But this bitch-boy changed my name from thursday to wednesday. I don't know what is wrong with him. Somehow I'm thankful that we are not in the same tutorial class... and now is the time for me to fully concentrate on my study. I don't really care about the pointer (maybe yes!) as long as I manage to pass the final exam... It is more than enough... wish me luck!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I'm no longer a person that can be trusted. I'm tired of this game. it had been a long day. hard day to be survived. ...and I'm alone, trying to put my mind off by busying myself with unnecessary work. I'm now surviving one of the toughest day in my life. too much secret. too much pain. I'm trying to give my perfect smile and show that I'm strong enough, but deep down. it's not me. i should stop hypocrisy! but i can't, i can't tell them the truth. I'm scared of been isolated. I want them to be with me. Should I kill myself? Will it ease my pain? O'Allah... show me the right pathway... I can't live in hypocrisy...

...and again... unstable mood!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

[.be like the bee.]

by Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah
As people are content with the world, so you should be content with Allaah. As they are delighted by the world, so you should be delighted with Allaah. As they are intimate with their loved ones, so you should seek intimacy with Allaah. As they desire to know their kings and their leaders, and to draw near to them in order for honor and status to be conferred on them, so you should come to know Allaah and seek His love, this will lead to the utmost honor and distinction.
Yet another bee on flower by Joel  Olives.
Said one of the zuhhåd: “I can never imagine that someone could hear about Paradise and Hellfire and can still waste an hour without performing any act of obedience to Allaah; neither remembrance, prayer, reciting Quraan nor an act of charity or kindness.”

Someone said to him: “I weep profusely.”
He replied: “That you laugh while confessing your sin is better than weeping yet being puffed-up with pride because of your deeds. For the deeds of a conceited person will never rise above his head.”
The person then requested: “Please counsel me.”
So he replied: “Leave the world to those who hanker after it, as they leave the Afterlife to its seekers. And be in this world as the bee: it eats only good, produces only good, and when it rests upon anything it neither ruins it nor deflowers it.”
sources: Al Fawaa-id, Ibn al Qayyim al Jawziyyah (rahimahullaah) , Pg.187 & southernmuslimah

[.Contest : Banner/Header saya cantik.]

Since I am so busy these few days, I can't even spend my own sweet time to blog. Starting a new semester seems harder for this time around. The schedule is getting pack with those unnecessary subjects and for sure the major subjects are much harder than before. So, to treat myself and my unstable mood, I would like to join a contest by adamainaa entitled Contest : Banner/Header saya cantik.
As you can see, the picture above is the banner specially made for this contest. Awesome right? I just love the face-blue picture. It looks mysterious as well as artistic as the person is staring at you. Do visit the blog. Okay! Stop with bodeking... and now we back to the business. As one of the requirements to join this contest, I am required to tell why I made my header as such...
Okay people, maybe before this I had no time to explain why I made this header at the moment I changed it. Basically the header is all about me, myself, my life and my passion. People know me well, I am someone who loves crafty and arty things. I will put up things based on what I have seen as long as it is simple but meaningful. Just like my header. I like the font, it seems formal but the sketch/effect in each of the fonts makes them look unique. I purposely put the magnifying glass and mug to represent me. The magnifying glass refers me as someone who loves trying out things. I will do anything as long as I can achieve my goals while the mug is actually tell you about my unpredictable mood. Just like a mug in the shop, once broken consider sold! :) The picture of mine sitting on the capital letter 'S' means I am a friendly person, so be my guest people!

I think that is all about my header. If you have anything to ask. Do mail me! and for adamainaa, all the best in life. Have a nice day ahead! I would like to tag Azham Vosovic and Amalina Sulaiman to join together this contest. Good luck people... Thank you.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I finally passed the exam, thanks to Allah. My pointer is just okay, but Im so thankful. At least I managed to pass.

[.you are my HERO.]

Dear Mr. Abah,
   You know how much I love you? It's hard for me to say it out loud but I believe you know that  how much I love and care for you... Because you're always thought about in such a special way, because you always do so much to brighten any day... Because you bring such happiness to others all year through, this wish for joy on Father's Day is warmly meant for you.