Sunday, January 23, 2011

[.ya Allah...]

All praises are for you Allah, how I hope that you are there.
For sinful though I know I am, your displeasure I can not bear.
Never, till this moment, did I realize how much I've strayed.
Never, till now, was I more conscious
of all those times when I should have prayed.
For sins are like heavy baggage, that one carries through Life,
Why didn't I realize sooner, that Earth is but a place of sport?
Ya Allah ! Forgive me. Save me from the fire of Hell. 
Ya Allah ! Protect me.
From myself for my soul is weak.
Let me not falter ever, for Jan'ah is the abode I seek.
Ya, Allah! Please help me.
For I don't understand and thus, I fear.
What happened to all those moments when
I never doubted that you were near ?
My actions once were guided, by my faith which, once, was strong.
Ya Allah! please guide me.

What happened, what went wrong ?

Each footstep that I used to take,
I took with you ever near my side.
The Quran was my faithful companion, Rasoolallah my beloved guide.
How I yearn for those bygone days Allah,
for I know that the day comes near
When we'll each receive our just rewards,
and Truth will stand sparkling clear.
Life is like a spider's web Allah.
We get caught in its tricky snare
So thoroughly are we disillusioned, time for saalat we can not spare.

I sit here and I wonder, Ya Allah!

Why did I fall so low ? What happened to my faith Allah?
Where did my Iman go?
In this earthly life of ours, so often does sin seem right.
Falsehood seems to be the truth,
as if days are confused with night.
Man is an imperfect creature.
And thus, Man shall always wrong.
For the road to Jan'ah is rocky, and the journey seems awfully long.

Ya Allah ! Our creator, we are all just peices of clay.

Please help us with our steps in life, and let us not lose our way.
All praises are for you Allah,
I know that you are near.
I know that you have read my heart, and my words I know you hear.


p/s:  Ya Allah, please forgive me for the wrong I've done... (Insya-ALLAH).

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am not feeling well right now and am very sick with strep throat, fever, and other minor things that will be going away very soon (Insya-Allah). I woke up this morning and I felt awful. My whole body aches and I feel my temperature is rising (I think!). I lost my appetite. I feel so weak, even an old man could walk faster than me!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hit the bed and have a sound sleep. Hopefully by the end of the day, the pain will almost be totally gone and I could eat anything and do anything and I'll be able to walk faster than an old man. =p

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[.hate most!.]

I cannot be friendly with all the people whom I came to meet. I hate some people for good reasons. The person I hate most is S, who lives a few blocks away from my block. He is a boy of twenty and a terror in my neighborhood. He is an annoying and irritating person I ever met. He was from our neighbour’s college who came here for further his study. Dude, please behave the way you suppose to behave. Sometimes you do not realise that you are overdoing. Please change your attitude as you are teacher-to-be! I don't have to mention much, you know yourself!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[.keep waiting.]

I'm gonna go to sleep right now. It indicates that I don't have anything else to do. Thanks GOD we haven't get our assignment yet as this is too early to get anything. I'm still in the process of adapting myself in first year degree. It is quite tough, everything is new! Subjects, lecturers, friends, class and etc... So, for this time being I've decided to get enough rest. Enjoy my free time as much as I can before everything going to be changed. Actually I was waiting a 'friend' of mine. But until now, 22.55pm... I've no idea where he is... I'm getting tired of keep waiting this kind of people in my life!!!

So now, is the correct time for me to get myself on bed...

بِاسْمِكَ اللّهُمَّ أَحْيَاوَأَمُوتُ

Good Night, people!

p/s: I'm the new Class Representative for this semester. Gosh!!!

[.DiGi Done Right CAMP!.]

I wanna go there! Seriously... it would be fun to be at this camp! This is my first involvement as blogger with Nuffnang. I am so excited and hoping that I will be selected as one of the participants... I think the requirement quite easy, what I need to do to get myself in this camp is that I need to compose a Facebook status update, and tell the reason why I want to be a part of the DiGi Done Right Camp as creatively as possible, and then include a link back to the blog post. Easy right?

Details of the camp are as below:
Date: 15-16 January 2011
Venue: D’House, Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1,
Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.

So people, lets join this camp because there will be tons of fun activities in store at the Camp which will help us become a better blogger, and at the same time bring everyone closer as part of our DiGi family!