Friday, April 8, 2011

[.School Base Experience.]

Assalamualaikum people... on the 21st-25th of March, I went to school for my School Base Experience (SBE). What should I say about it? It was awesome!I chose SK Bandar Tenggara 2 for my very first time, go to school. We were asked to conduct an experiment based on what we've learn in Child Development. Since, I was so interested with those preschool kids, I chose them as my guinea pig. Actually, I was not alone, I was together with Izzati Jeff, Farhana Omar as well as Hashimah Abu. Two of them were my former classmates at secondary school. So, it was kind of our first reunion (gedik-gila!.

I was totally enjoyed my SBE as I love kids so much! The kids were adorable and cute as well. For the first time in my life, people called me 'cikgu'... and have you ever met kids who came to you and said 'Cikgu nak peluk cikgu boleh?'... I was touching at that moment. Seriously, I cant wait for my next SBE!                     

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