Saturday, June 25, 2011

[.Contest : Banner/Header saya cantik.]

Since I am so busy these few days, I can't even spend my own sweet time to blog. Starting a new semester seems harder for this time around. The schedule is getting pack with those unnecessary subjects and for sure the major subjects are much harder than before. So, to treat myself and my unstable mood, I would like to join a contest by adamainaa entitled Contest : Banner/Header saya cantik.
As you can see, the picture above is the banner specially made for this contest. Awesome right? I just love the face-blue picture. It looks mysterious as well as artistic as the person is staring at you. Do visit the blog. Okay! Stop with bodeking... and now we back to the business. As one of the requirements to join this contest, I am required to tell why I made my header as such...
Okay people, maybe before this I had no time to explain why I made this header at the moment I changed it. Basically the header is all about me, myself, my life and my passion. People know me well, I am someone who loves crafty and arty things. I will put up things based on what I have seen as long as it is simple but meaningful. Just like my header. I like the font, it seems formal but the sketch/effect in each of the fonts makes them look unique. I purposely put the magnifying glass and mug to represent me. The magnifying glass refers me as someone who loves trying out things. I will do anything as long as I can achieve my goals while the mug is actually tell you about my unpredictable mood. Just like a mug in the shop, once broken consider sold! :) The picture of mine sitting on the capital letter 'S' means I am a friendly person, so be my guest people!

I think that is all about my header. If you have anything to ask. Do mail me! and for adamainaa, all the best in life. Have a nice day ahead! I would like to tag Azham Vosovic and Amalina Sulaiman to join together this contest. Good luck people... Thank you.

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