Sunday, June 26, 2011


I'm no longer a person that can be trusted. I'm tired of this game. it had been a long day. hard day to be survived. ...and I'm alone, trying to put my mind off by busying myself with unnecessary work. I'm now surviving one of the toughest day in my life. too much secret. too much pain. I'm trying to give my perfect smile and show that I'm strong enough, but deep down. it's not me. i should stop hypocrisy! but i can't, i can't tell them the truth. I'm scared of been isolated. I want them to be with me. Should I kill myself? Will it ease my pain? O'Allah... show me the right pathway... I can't live in hypocrisy...

...and again... unstable mood!


  1. Just live with your blog, that is what I have been doing all these while... don't worry Jaazli, just gimme a call if you need someone to talk to...