Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[.new timetable!.]

Emmm... what should I say? the official timetable has been announced and I'm quite okay with the arrangement except for monday and tuesday classes. I don't really like they put all the mass lectures in the whole day. Can you imagine I have to be seated for almost 5 hours! I'm no longer a human being after the class ended! another thing is I'm quite dissapointed with my Phonetic & Phonolgy tutorial class. I couldn't sign up for my favourite lecturer as too many students signed up with him but Mdm Joanne will be fine. Although she never taught me before but still she could recognise me! And as you can see there, on wednesday I only have 1 class which it supposed to be on thursday. But this bitch-boy changed my name from thursday to wednesday. I don't know what is wrong with him. Somehow I'm thankful that we are not in the same tutorial class... and now is the time for me to fully concentrate on my study. I don't really care about the pointer (maybe yes!) as long as I manage to pass the final exam... It is more than enough... wish me luck!

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