Sunday, July 31, 2011

[.A night to remember.]

It was full of enjoyment. We had fun together as a family. Couldn't agree more. We were like sisters and brothers. You can see the pictures speak and tell you our relationship as friends and family. PISMP TESL 1.5, we were organised pre-ramadhan event as well as celebrating birthday babies from May to Disember. We purposely did that as we knew, we will have no time to organise any events after this. There are lots of assignments to be done before Eid, followed by School Base Experience, phase two of BIG... case study and etc... We live the life like there is no tomorrow. But, that night we really enjoyed! We had dinner together, grilled the chicken like kids, joking around. Everyone smiled for happiness. May Allah strenghten our relationship as family. InshaAllah....

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  1. Bestnya, teringat zaman kami buat BBQ masa foundation dulu... btw itu juniorkah yang bermain gitar? apsal mcm budak2 lagi? heheheh