Saturday, July 30, 2011

[.Penang 2011.]

Yeaahhh! After a year planning we finally managed to go to Penang. Last week, Ameer and I went to Penang. Actually it supposed to be four of us, including Abang Wan and Haris but then, they had something to be settled. We arrived at Penang International Airport at 1005am on Friday. Since our flight was early at the morning, I actually skipped classes for Friday and because of I was full of excitement I didn't really bother about that! :) We checked in at hotel about 1100am and took a rest for a while. Let me conclude everything since it was 2 days of holiday only. On the first day, we walked around Batu Ferringhi. It was really really really awesome! I love the scenery there! At night, we went to Queensbay Mall. Its quite big... almost as the same as Midvalley I guess... We had our dinner there. For the first time I ate Thailand food. Not bad!

On the second day, we went to Georgetown and from there, we just walked based on the map. We managed to go to Chowrasta, Kapitan Keling and etc. We had our lunch at Nasi Kandar Line Clear, and I believed Ameer enjoyed the lunch very well. He really wanted to eat there! At night, we decided just to stay at hotel and packed all those stuff because our flight was at 0700am. We woke up at 0500am and leave Penang. Sorry I don't have photos and its only a fews. But, I did enjoy my trip. Maybe Kedah next time... ^_________^

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  1. Hahahaha, I nak pergi Langkawi la next sem....tapi xda duit...hurm, kena buat part time gak la ni...