Thursday, February 3, 2011

[.family day: part 1.]

salam people... guess what? I'm now at Endau Beach Resort, Mersing Johor. I'm so excited! seriously... I've never been to beach (with family) about 2 years! We used to go jalan-jalan-habiskan-duit before. and now, we are here of course to spend our time together as everyone are busy with their so-called LIFE all this while. We are planning to make this event as annual event! Couldn't agree more... Next year will be my choice. Pulau Rawa maybe! I really wanna go there (badly!). Okay, let me tell you a bit about what we have done for today. Tonight was the most best part as we had karaoke session and gift exchange (aiyoo! direct translation) or known as main-tukar-hadiah. and I got a set of rack from my sister and the most funny part was, I was the one who wrapped the hadiah for her! I would suggest to you guys to come over here. I couldn't tell you more... Let the picture speaks for us...
          endau resort, endau beach resort room at endau beach resort, penyabung, endau, johor
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that's all for today, Good Nite...

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  1. LOL...interesting ur vacation heeeeeee
    *akibat dah lame x g jejalan hahaha