Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[.lovely holiday.]

The title actually does not really represents my holiday's mood because I still got 'A LOT OF WORK' to do. Don't worry people, linguistic still in my mind and literature always in my heart (tipu gila!)... yes, actually I am doing my movie marathon as it is quite a long time I did not spend my very-precious-time to watch any recent movie. And as usual, the reason is BUSY! It is not nice at all to be class representative... 
btw, tomorrow I will be going to Endau-Rompin Resort for our family day... yay-ness!!!


  1. woit.. nak pinjam muvie korean sblh coffee house tu ble? tak tau tajuk la pulak. hehe

  2. J.A! tengk coffee house & personal taste? wahhh terbaik! btw, incredibly nice layout baru ko!

  3. hahaha... rizal thanx....
    nengok je sbb bosan tp personal taste was good!

  4. Mr Muscle yang gagah! suka header kamu! cun sgt... nanti update la psl Endau-Rompin yea...